We regularly get questions from clients who want to know how to incorporate the antiques that they love into their home décor. Whether you collect antiques from only one era or you have a wide interest across a breadth of styles, knowing how to best present them is key.

When it comes to decorating with antiques, it is important to include contrast whenever possible. A room that is too defined by one era can start to feel like a film set or a museum. By mixing modern lighting, window treatments and other details with your antique pieces, you can create an elegant space that works for your collection.

Different styles, colour schemes and time periods can fight with each other, unless care is taken to incorporate them sensibly. At the same time, presenting a room that is too matched can make it feel forced or out of touch. Here we include a few key interior design points to consider when decorating your home with antiques.

Contrast can work wonders

Remember – opposites attract. Consider contrasting hard with soft, bright with pale and modern with retro. This will bring your entire home to life and create interiors that are truly special and intuitive.

For each piece, consider placing a contrasting piece nearby. Place a baroque chair next to a modernist Danish table, or highlight your Art Nouveau lamps with a contemporary sofa.

Lighting is key

A home that is haphazardly filled with antiques can start to seem clunky and crowded. To counteract this, it is important to focus on your lighting scheme. Lighting should be designed specifically for each room in order to elevate and lift the mood. A well lit room can change the dynamic of your entire home, and bring new life to each piece in your collection.

A splash of colour to make things pop

While you might be tempted to decorate your walls with period treatments, such as wallpaper, tapestries or oversized art works, this can be a mistake. This can overwhelm the eye and create a room that is far too busy. Many savvy collectors choose to highlight their pieces by presenting them in a room with colour blocked walls. Saturated heritage paint colours by brands such as Benjamin Moore can really bring your pieces to life while providing much needed colour and levity.

Remember to keep things liveable

The most important thing to keep in mind is liveability. Unless you truly plan to treat your home like a museum, ensuring that your home is comfortable and cozy should be your top priority. Your home is your sanctuary, and when you walk through each doorway and take in the aura of the room you should feel welcomed and relaxed.

While you want to show off your lovingly collected pieces and furniture, your home is where you entertain guests, spend your time and recharge your energy. If it becomes overly cluttered with pieces, it will be tricky for you and your guests to appreciate your collection fully.

A good way to accomplish a less cluttered and more stylish effect is to invest in a bespoke cabinet in which to display your pieces. Alternatively, displaying your pieces on subdued shelving units can be incredibly stylish, as the interior to the left demonstrates nicely.

Ultimately, your home should be filled with pieces that make you happy and that bring you joy. Presenting them well and creating a home décor that shows them off at their best does them justice, and will make you feel more at ease.

If you would like more advice on incorporating antiques into your interior design, do get in touch. We will happily tell you what we know and should you wish to learn more we can refer you to our recommended interior designers.

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